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Below is a link to Elisabeth Diswot's Reputable Gesalt program

I partner closely with my horses, so it is essential for me to be attuned to what is going on for them. A couple of their behaviors eluded me, so I asked Zoey for a reading. She took me on a beautiful journey that I could see unfold right before my eyes. A journey deep into my soul and that of my equine partners. A journey that took me to a past life that resonated vividly for me and shed light on my relationship with my horses. Zoey was able to read how my spiritual vibration is in harmony with that of my horses and she brought to light our agreements. Her deep insights clarified what my horses were trying to tell me and what was at play for them. She also cast the light on what was going on for me with my own body. She followed with a healing for my horses and myself, which was so liberating. It is challenging to capture with words all that took place during the session as it belongs to a higher vibration. I strongly recommend a reading with Zoey. She makes the whole experience flow. Her professionalism reflects on her extensive training and her own, inner, natural gifts for feeling and reading the world around her. Anybody wanting to seek clarity and remove blocks should get a reading with Zoey.

Elisabeth Diswot

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