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Hello my name is Zoey Crandell.  Growing up I was very aware of spirits around me. I remember building little blanket nests and employing bears to protect me throughout the night. Since then, I have developed tools that help me see, navigate, and communicate clearly in the spiritual plane. 
I am certified through The Boulder Psychic Institute's Professional Animal Communication program. I will never forget the moment my teacher, Heidi Szycher, said "Humans regularly forget that they're animals too." In that moment, the deep connection I've always felt with the animal kingdom was instantly validated. I am an animal.  My entire life I've heard society try to differentiate humans from animals, forgetting that the overall classification includes us.
It's my mission to meet and communicate with as many beings as possible.  As I meet these beings, through my work and abilities, I hope to illuminate connections, bridges, and pathways between species.  I have noticed there is a direct correlation in my life and others, when they authentically meet an animal with care and co-creation.
My gifts have shown me the next steps for humanity is to meet and explore as many beings possible with curiosity and wonder. This kind of movement is imperative to restore our balance with nature and spirit.

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