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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for pets/animal companions only?

WE LOVE HUMANS, humans are animals too! Zoey Crandell reads all types of animals. Click this link to book a human session for you or friend today.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Currently all appointments are held over the phone. Having appointments over the phone brings in high level of global accessibility.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Questions can be about:​

  • Animal behavior

  • Blocks

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Love

  • Next steps​​

  • Past lives

  • Relationships

  • Re-occurring memories/dreams

  • Transitioned souls

  • Tricky habits

How long is an appointment ?

Appointments vary in length and prices which are accessible under Book Online. In this area you will find the different sessions and information on them. If you're not sure, book a "What Would Serve Me Best" session and we can assess your needs.

What is the difference between reading and a healing?

Readings and Healings have different vibrations. 

Readings happen in a curious investigative frequency which is great for light exploration or diving deep into specifics. In this explorative space we’ll be looking at how your energy is interacting with choices being made and the desires you're seeking. Often times a soul moves incredible amounts of energy through the validation of a reading.

Healings are an active frequency process, meaning I'm working the energy in your space in addition to reading it.  I'll be in communication with you, letting you know what you’re releasing and what authentic frequencies are being integrated. 

Does Kismet Pet read the future?

At Kismet Pet we believe that the future is constantly changing due to free will.  Readings are done in present time and healings allow energy to be moved so your desires come to fruition.

Can you promise an outcome with me and my pet?

As outcomes correlate to the future, they are always changing due to free will. We do offer present time communication and relating. This has been found to deepen understanding, positively impacting the relationship between you and your companion. 

Have a question that was left unanswered? Reach out to me here.

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